My business and post cards came, just in time for assessment. I am really pleased with how they have turned out. Although after sending them off to be printed I realised I had just Put designer not designer maker on the back of both of them. I am putting Designer Maker on every thing else from CV to Letters.

Quick excited images..


Show statement

Attracted to light

My designs are derived from various insects that have a reaction to light, a reaction that makes them move whether they are attracted or repelled by it.

I studied these movements and took the negative spaces created by their body and wings, turning them into 2 dimensional static forms, mimicking the movement and paths the insects make in response to a mass of light.

The mass of light is situated within the centre of each piece of work, and is the functional element to each piece, and also the main focus, casting shadows upon the surroundings.

The insect inspired forms have been worked into large clip on lamp shades, table lamps and flat packable lamp shade designs in a wide range of materials cut by laser. The material range includes felt, acrylic, elastic and polypropylene. These materials have a texture or move, many of which are opaque resembling the textures and bodies of the different insects in question.

(evaluating my) Final set up

Here are some images of my final set up. I am really pleased with how they have turned out and work together. The plan of materials and textures lighten as they get to the right, and all vary in height so all can be seen and by looking at the space from a slightly different view, certain pieces become the main focus and reveal more.

When stood in between the lights it is really calm and homely because of the warm glow the tinted bulbs and materials I have chosen to use give. There is enough space and height to walk and be in the booth, but there isn’t too much space that the warming glow disappears in between each piece and they become individual not a collection. There’s also just enough room for the shadows cast to overlap but not over rule one and other.

I am glad I went with coloured flex even though I have stuck to shades of white and grey with my designs. I think the grey is a neutral and can be adapted to fit into any ones home. Whereas the use of a hot pink is less likely to be imagined into say a green for someone than a mottled grey. The cords give them just enough colour to keep them lively and to stand out.

CD cover

Here’s the image I have chosen to go onto my CD’s. It fits so the very centre of the light is cut away.



Filling in the gaps

As the boards were too small to fill the space, before I have anything wired up it needed to be filled with another board, filled sanded and repainted. Then the smaller gaps needed to be covered with tape and painted.

And up they went unfortunately my grey twisted design was injured in the process although it is in the process or being fixed.

20150513_124042 20150513_123918 20150513_123929 20150513_123933